Services and Event Packages

Private Parties

Standard Package:

Our standard birthday and private event package consists of a 45 minute interactive exotic animal presentation. We bring around 6 animals such as: a large python, additional various snakes, chameleon, scorpions, bearded dragon, skink, and various bugs and insects.

Premium Package:

Our premium private event package has all of the benefits of our standard package with some upgrades. We bring additional animals such as a tegu and Flemish Giant. Our premium animal presentations are longer in length than the standard package, usually lasting 1 hour.

*With each package animals are brought out and presented individually. Each attendee has the opportunity to see the animal up close and/or hold it.

School Events

The following educational experiences are offered at K-12 schools:

Reptiles from Around the World – Giant Burmese Python, various snakes, Bearded Dragon, Pancake Tortoise, and Blue Tongued Skink

Rainforest Species – Leaf bugs, 3 snakes, tegu, Red Foot Tortoise

South American Species – Boa, tegu, tortoise, tarantula, guinea pig, chinchilla

North American Species – 3 snakes, lizard, turtle, scorpion, tarantula

Asian Species – 2/3 snakes, bugs, tarantula, tortoise

African Species – 2/3 snakes, tortoise, tarantula, monitor, Pixie frog

Nocturnal Species – 2/3 snakes, tarantula, frogs, Indian Stick bug

Mixed Mammals & Reptiles – 2 snakes, Bearded Dragon, Flemish Giant, guinea pig

Insects & Arachnids – Leaf bugs, Australian Walking Stick bug, beetles, tarantula, scorpion, Cave Cockroach

*For pricing and booking please visit our Event Inquiry page. Additional charges may apply if located 50+ miles away from the Fresno Metropolitan area.

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