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Engaging, entertaining, educating. That’s what Reptile Ron’s presentations are all about. Part of what makes our job so rewarding is how much fun we get to have. Whether we’re at your school, birthday party, retirement home, or ANY other event, we want everyone to have an unforgettably fun time. Balancing learning and entertainment is a rare art that we’ve mastered in our presentations. We come to your location with 15-20 exotic animals. Ron takes each animal out one at a time and explains where it’s from, what it eats, life span, etc. and answers questions.  Shows include chameleons, snakes, monitors, geckos, a tegu, bearded dragon, tortoises, tarantulas, a Harlequin Macaw, and more.  During our 45 minute presentation everyone gets to see the friendly non venomous animals up close. We’re great for assemblies or classrooms and we also offer a booth style for carnivals. .